No, You Do Not

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By Randy Gage

March 30th, 2013


A few times every week I get a pitch to join someone’s network.  Sometimes they’re crass pitches I just ignore.  Other times I politely decline and explain I am happy with my company and I’m not sponsorable.  Then they all invariably say something like, “You understand, I had to ask.”

Ah, no.  No you don’t.

Let’s test out an analogy.  You’re a guy and you meet a very sexy women and you find out she’s married.  You say something like, “I know you’re married and love your husband and all, but would you like to sleep with me, and see – maybe you’ll like me better than him.”

She gets offended and slaps you.  You’re shocked and say, “You understand, I had to ask.”

No.  No you didn’t.

There is something called professional courtesy.  That’s why I don’t call up Jordan Adler, Richard Brooke, Art Jonak or Donna Imson and try to pitch them on my deal.  They are in competing companies, but they are still my peers and colleagues in the profession I am also in.

Now I will be the first to admit, I wasn’t always this way…

When I started out, I also thought the secret was chasing after everybody in those other companies and explaining why their deal sucked and mine was superior.   That’s the arrogance that comes from being new, not knowing what you’re doing, and not having respect for the profession.

But once you grow up, learn something about the business and understand it, your viewpoint needs to change.   It doesn’t serve us to tear down other companies.  It just makes us all look bad to anyone not in the business.  And speaking of people NOT in our business, last time I checked, there were more than 6.8 BILLION people – not in Network Marketing, yet.  Why don’t you call up some of them?

And the next time you’re thinking about trying to cross recruit me or anyone else from another company thinking, “Hey, I have to ask,” remember this:

No.  No you don’t.