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So Professional


I’ve just got back from a convention in Greensboro in North Carolina and I would like to thank all concerned for the invite to this fantastic event and the VIP treatment all the way.

I’ve chose this space on the blog not to talk about the few days spent at the convention, as you’ve all probably attended many of this in your lifetime, and if you haven’t then I would highly recommend anyone who is trying to build their own network or business to attend a few. They are essential, they build and strengthen your character.



You are surrounding yourself with like-minded folk and this gives you the power to build your businesses and give you growth within your own networks much faster and quicker than if you have never attended like this.


The wonderful thing about this convention for me was not just the speakers but the people and characters that surrounded the convention itself. I choose this picture as I have fond memories of my chauffeur driver, what a character, upbeat and positive every day and certainly got my day off to a great start before I even arrived at the convention to surround myself with even more wonderful people. What a high, what a positive impact this has on the soul.

This convention was one of the best I have attended, highly organised and highly professional.

I must comment that you don’t need the limousine to surround yourself with positivity, but you do need to surround yourself like-minded people if you want to build a future within this business.

Networking = Meeting Interesting People


Networking. It still surprises me that some people are confused by this word.

What does it actually mean?

We live in the age of the Internet, where the answer to anything is at the end of a computer, so what does it mean? – Just Google it!

With a quick search this is the best explanation I could find, when I typed in “What is the meaning of the word networking?”

“Networking is the practice of making contact and exchanging information with other people, groups or institutions”

Well I guess if you break it down that’s what it is – but its sounds so boring! To me it’s never been just that. I went out the other day, and I had a fantastic day out!

I went to the VegFest in Brighton and met some wonderful people, tasted some wonderful food, and listened to views that quite frankly I had not even thought about before.


So was I Networking, I guess I was, but Networking to me can only mean one thing – your eyes are opened to new ventures, new ways of living, meeting new people and having fun. From this will spring new friendships and business acquaintances, new opportunities for me and that warmth that I can also help other people with sorting out things in their life.

Networking = A good day out.

Things are looking great!

Speaking Feb 2011I recently had the pleasure of playing a big part of  a National Conference and Expo, and I’m happy to say it was a sure fire-hit with everyone.

There were outside speakers and speakers from within the company and it was a fantastic mix, things went down a treat!

The schedule was tight and the mood behind the scenes was electric. I can honestly say that in all years in which I’ve been speaking for various companies, I’ve never had so many new tools and new Incentives to launch in one session. I have found in the past that the tools are usually spread over the year.

It has new Incentives back to back, and these are designed to be achievable to people on all levels, from management, to people who would just like to earn ‘that little bit of cash to make a difference’ and with new tools constantly being brought in to help people achieve their goals.

The buzz in the air as the afternoon progressed was amazing. The main speakers mixed with the audience during the break and, I have to say, the speakers were very giving of their time, but then I guess they have a shared passion and belief

It was a brilliant day, and during this cold and wet February it was a day that lit a spark in all who attended.

A long but very productive day…

It was an early start as the first part of the day was attending the DSA Seminar “Find Them – Keep Them”. (This was hosted at Forever Living Products in Longbridge Manor.) The seminar was billed as ‘the essential seminar on retention’ and it certainly lived up to its title. It was a very informative day. It was great to catch up with old contacts and make new ones.

When this was over, we travelled to London for an evening presentation, on behalf of the company I’m presently consulting with, again a highly successful company and a very successful evening.

My daughter accompanied me throughout the day as she was very interested in the DSA seminar and to hear what the different companies had to say about the current climate…and she also wanted to meet up with the Consultants in the evening.

All in all, a very informative and successful day and even though I say so myself, delightful company on the journey there and back!

Like Father, Like Daughter!

Last night was a very proud night for me.

I was the speaker at an evening with a business presentation, for one of the companies with which I work closely, and my co-presenter was my daughter!

This was the first time she has taken the stage for a formal presentation and she was brilliant, even if I do say so myself. Although that said, she received many compliments after and the day after!!

In fact the evening was such a success that we are doing the same thing all over again, but this time in London.

David and Vicki 001      David and Vicki 007

What an amazing day…

After the events of June 17th, with the first ‘hatchings’ of new leaders, I’m happy to announce the success of Leadership Day. It started with them all gathering at the Head Office, where they had a tour around and met with the staff which, up until now, they had only spoken to on the phone; they also met and spent time with the MD of the company. After this we then proceeded on to the local golf course for an afternoon of lunch and learning!

We covered a wide range of specially selected subjects for these emerging leaders to take and use with their teams to move them on to the next level. These subjects were selected to inspire confidence and promote the qualities of a leader.

People had arrived from all around the UK to attend the day and the feedback has been incredible, a great day of learning and fun!

proto-col Leader Development Day 053  proto-col Leader Development Day 067

I’ve uploaded a few photos taken on the day which I think shows the nature of this incredibly powerful day. We are all now looking forward to the Annual Conference in September when all the consultants gather for the yearly meeting; with training and specially selected celebrity speakers. This is a day not to be missed.

But before all of this, I’m packing my bags for a short spell to spend some time with old friends and sunshine – I’m off on holiday to Egypt for a week….

proto-col Leader Development Day 071

Saturday is a Landmark Day with a company I’m presently working with!

In the past year this company has grown from 40 to over 1,000 Consultants and Saturday will be the company’s first Leadership Day, a day when like minded people at the same level in building their business can all be together in the same environment and spent the day learning, brain storming and, of course, lunching together, to take their business to the next level.

I am looking forward to this day, from a personal angle, as this is the day I had in my mind when I started working as a Consultant with this business, just one short year ago!

I think this gathering of minds can do nothing but good, it will increase their excitement and build their confidence in their business. I was unsure how many would reach this level in so short a time, and I’m delighted in the number of Leaders which have emerged…

But let me crack on now and get the Presentations ready for the Leaders which are travelling from all over the country to join me and the company owner, at the Head Office on Saturday.