Four Kinds of People in the World

“Cop-outs” – These are people who don’t have any goals and have very little drive. They just want to remain the same, doing nothing different to change their lives or the lives of anyone around them. They probably spend their time watching mindless hours of television.

“Hold-outs” – These are people who would like to be more, do more and have more, but are afraid. Allowing their fears to control them and never get started with anything. They’re big on hoping and wishing instead of doing.

“Drop-outs” – These are the people who take action and get started, but just never finish. They don’t stay committed and they don’t continue building relationships. They have all the potential, but don’t have the results because they “buy into” their own excuses time and time again. They don’t stay focused or determined and jump to next opportunity that they find, failing again and again, blaming the previous venture.

Finally, the “All-outs” – These are the people that get results. It doesn’t matter what business they’re in, Bricks and Mortar, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Insurance or Internet Marketing. A common characteristic of all “All-outs” is they’re very clear on what they want and find a way to win. They take full responsibility and never point a finger. No excuses, no stories…only solutions.

Which of these four do you think are?

Once you know, that’s half the battle. Most of us sleep walk through life and never take the time to analyse ourselves.

7 Days To Success

When you look into the biography of anyone that has ‘made it’ or as some say, ‘got lucky’, you will find self improvement as the core of all of these people. For someone to move forward in a given field they invariably have to learn new skills, and inevitably, they will have to keep listening and learning new skills as progress and changes are made within their given industry and times move on. But, it’s a rare person that moves forward in any business that hasn’t first worked their own being, their own image…self improvement.

Generally speaking the people who don’t move forward, who don’t move ahead are the people who continue to pattern their lives according to what is projected in the mass media. Too much exposure to the lives of celebrities may have affected their own sense of self-esteem.

Don’t be one of those people who is fascinated by the life others, just work on becoming a ‘better you’.

So how can you put an end to this? What does it take to be a cut above the rest? Here are some of the things you can improve on within a week:

Know your purpose

Knowing your purpose and having a keen focus can make a big difference. Sometimes, you may see yourself in a bind and tricky situation. There is always that small loophole that will help you transform the situation and align it in accordance with your goal.

Know your values

Make a list of your top 5 values. What do you value most? Some examples of values are security, freedom, gratitude, love, abundance, spiritual development, etc. As you set your goal, check your goals are aligned with your values, if not you may want to reconsider or revise it.

Know your needs

Many people continue to live their lives without realizing their dreams. Most of them end up stressed or depressed. List your top four needs and ensure to get them before it’s too late! 

Know your passions

Only you know who you really are and what you truly enjoy in life, don’t allow obstacles like doubt and lack of enthusiasm to hinder you! 

Live from the inside out

Take time out for yourself. Increase your awareness of your inner wisdom by regularly reflecting in silence. Breathe deeply to quiet your distracted mind. 

Honour your strengths

What special talents do you have? What are your positive qualities? List your top three talents. Find ways to express your true self through your strengths. You can increase your self-confidence when you share what you know to others. 

Serve others

If you are true to yourself and giving of your talents to the world around you, the reward for sharing your gift with those close to you or a total stranger is indeed rewarding.

Self-improvement will make you a better person and shouldn’t be limited within the confines of your own room; it can allow you to view the world in a different way.

Give yourself a chance – just one week to become a better you!

Sea Air

I’ve taken some time away from consulting over the past few past days and put myself on the other side of the camera. My business partner and I travelled down to Hastings to film a short video for a sales page which we are putting together for a client. When I returned I spent the rest of the week editing it and it’s looking pretty good.

Laws of Leadership

Law 1 – You must have a dream larger than those you lead

The size of your dream affects the amount of effort you are willing to put into your success

Law 2 – Think positive thoughts

Leaders must feed themselves continuously with positive thoughts and act in an upbeat manner at all times

Law 3 – Set the bar high

The speed of the team is determined by the speed of the leader, poor work habits in the leader produce poor work habits in the downline

Law 4 – Commitment to personal growth

People want to be around someone who is moving forward, you’re either spiralling upwards or downwards in life

Law 5 – Have the highest level of integrity & character

People before profits

Law 6 – Take 100% responsibility

You can make excuses or you can make money but you can’t make both

Law 7 – Persistence & Determination

Realize that it takes time to achieve greatness. True leaders always find a way around, over or through any obstacle in their way!

A long but very productive day…

It was an early start as the first part of the day was attending the DSA Seminar “Find Them – Keep Them”. (This was hosted at Forever Living Products in Longbridge Manor.) The seminar was billed as ‘the essential seminar on retention’ and it certainly lived up to its title. It was a very informative day. It was great to catch up with old contacts and make new ones.

When this was over, we travelled to London for an evening presentation, on behalf of the company I’m presently consulting with, again a highly successful company and a very successful evening.

My daughter accompanied me throughout the day as she was very interested in the DSA seminar and to hear what the different companies had to say about the current climate…and she also wanted to meet up with the Consultants in the evening.

All in all, a very informative and successful day and even though I say so myself, delightful company on the journey there and back!

What a wonderful way to spend a week….

Luxor 2010 001

I’ve now returned from my holiday which, as always, was amazing. Egypt is a wonderful place to spend time.

But I’m hitting the floor running as tonight I’m showing a presentation and my co-presenter is my daughter!

She has recently been promoted to Business Development Liaison Manager within this particular company, so this is a first for her, and I’m immensely proud to be sharing the stage with her.

So, back into action!

Like Father, Like Daughter!

Last night was a very proud night for me.

I was the speaker at an evening with a business presentation, for one of the companies with which I work closely, and my co-presenter was my daughter!

This was the first time she has taken the stage for a formal presentation and she was brilliant, even if I do say so myself. Although that said, she received many compliments after and the day after!!

In fact the evening was such a success that we are doing the same thing all over again, but this time in London.

David and Vicki 001      David and Vicki 007

Leadership Tips

Before I leave for my trip, thought I would share with you one of the subjects which I’m constantly asked about, and that is “What makes a leader?”

So here, in an abridged version, are 10 Characteristics of a Leader, and with these points in mind which characteristics do you want to strengthen?

  • They Have A Purpose
  • They Are Willing To Work
  • They Are Hungry For Knowledge
  • They Take Responsibility
  • They Are Determined
  • They Think For Themselves
  • They Are Honest
  • They Are A Team Player
  • They Have Integrity
  • They Have A Good Self Image

I can, and will, expand on these at a later date…

Have a good week!

What an amazing day…

After the events of June 17th, with the first ‘hatchings’ of new leaders, I’m happy to announce the success of Leadership Day. It started with them all gathering at the Head Office, where they had a tour around and met with the staff which, up until now, they had only spoken to on the phone; they also met and spent time with the MD of the company. After this we then proceeded on to the local golf course for an afternoon of lunch and learning!

We covered a wide range of specially selected subjects for these emerging leaders to take and use with their teams to move them on to the next level. These subjects were selected to inspire confidence and promote the qualities of a leader.

People had arrived from all around the UK to attend the day and the feedback has been incredible, a great day of learning and fun!

proto-col Leader Development Day 053  proto-col Leader Development Day 067

I’ve uploaded a few photos taken on the day which I think shows the nature of this incredibly powerful day. We are all now looking forward to the Annual Conference in September when all the consultants gather for the yearly meeting; with training and specially selected celebrity speakers. This is a day not to be missed.

But before all of this, I’m packing my bags for a short spell to spend some time with old friends and sunshine – I’m off on holiday to Egypt for a week….

proto-col Leader Development Day 071

Saturday is a Landmark Day with a company I’m presently working with!

In the past year this company has grown from 40 to over 1,000 Consultants and Saturday will be the company’s first Leadership Day, a day when like minded people at the same level in building their business can all be together in the same environment and spent the day learning, brain storming and, of course, lunching together, to take their business to the next level.

I am looking forward to this day, from a personal angle, as this is the day I had in my mind when I started working as a Consultant with this business, just one short year ago!

I think this gathering of minds can do nothing but good, it will increase their excitement and build their confidence in their business. I was unsure how many would reach this level in so short a time, and I’m delighted in the number of Leaders which have emerged…

But let me crack on now and get the Presentations ready for the Leaders which are travelling from all over the country to join me and the company owner, at the Head Office on Saturday.