9 types of entrepreneur?

There was a survey conducted in the UK recently among 2,000 Business Owners, the majority of participants (more than three-quarters of them) were aged between 31 and 60 years, and it has found that contrary to stereotypical perceptions of entrepreneurs as risk-taking mavericks, they are, in fact, more prudent and risk-averse than the general public.

It seems that business owners working alone are more carefree, intense and spontaneous than those working in partnerships, making them more flexible in their decision-making. By contrast, those working in partnerships are more likely to be wary, prudent and composed.

Despite the seemingly conservative approach taken by entrepreneurs, the research found that people who are calm, confident, optimistic, organised, methodical and measured have greater financial resources and may, therefore, make more successful small-business owners.

The survey concluded there are 9 types of entrepreneur –

SPONTANEOUS – Impulsive and attracted to risk, but distressed if things go wrong. They are emotional and react strongly to disappointment.

INTENSE – Anxious and emotive. They invest passionately in people and projects but, haunted by the fear of disappointment, this may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

WARY – Anxious about risk but well organised, this risk type puts security high on their agenda. Vigilant in identifying risk before appreciating potential benefits, they fear that however well it worked for others, things may go wrong for them.

PRUDENT – Systematic, and conforming. Conservative and conventional, they prefer routine to variety, like operating within familiar procedures and prefer change to be gradual and evolutionary. Generally cautious about new ventures, they find reassurance in sticking to what they know.

DELIBERATE – Calm and self-confident, they experience little anxiety. Any lack of risk awareness is balanced by a desire to do things in a planned and systematic way.

COMPOSED – Self-confident. Cool-headed, calm and unemotional, their outlook will always be optimistic and untroubled. These people take everything in their stride, seem quite imperturbable and appear to manage stress very well.

ADVENTUROUS – Impulsive but fearless. They combine a deeply constitutional calmness with impulsiveness and a disregard for custom, tradition or convention. They are cool and seemingly oblivious to risk.

CAREFREE – Daring, prepared to challenge convention and to make decisions ‘on the fly’. They enjoy challenges in fast-moving situations but are impatient with repetitive tasks or working to prescribed routines. Conceptually innovative and distractible, they are not great with details.

TYPICAL – They show none of the extremes that characterise other types. They are unexceptional, predictable and similar to most other people. They base their attitude towards risk firmly on their own specific experiences.

I am concluding from this survey that no-one is ‘immune’ from becoming an entrepreneur, now there’s a lovely thought…

45 Degrees in the Shade, 26 Degrees in the Pool!!

Hi everyone

I hope you have all had a fantastic summer; it’s certainly been an interesting one!

I thought it was about time to take myself off to foreign climates for a while in preparation for what looks set to be a busy and productive time ahead.

We have just returned from a spell in Luxor, Egypt and contrary to what the news would have you believe, the people are just as laid back as ever, and it was a good time to catch up with old friends, and make some new ones.


Luxor has always been a magical place for me; I like nothing better than to watch the sun setting over The Valley of the Kings from the banks of the Nile, usually from the Sundowner Bar. It used to be that once the sun had set over the West Bank of Luxor, the bank would fall into darkness but not so now, for now once the sun has gone through the various stages and colours of setting, the West Bank slowly lights up highlighting the various temples. Amazing.


One highlight of this break for me was a balloon flight at sunrise over Valley of the Kings; I would recommend this to anyone who was thinking of visiting Luxor. In fact we watched the sunset the night before, with a few drinks and a lovely meal on the banks of the Nile along with new found friends and then grabbed a few hours sleep before getting up at 3am to start off for the fantastic balloon voyage along the Nile and over the Valley of the Kings to watch the sunrise. A full solar cycle!


 So here I am back in the UK with batteries recharged, all set to go for the exciting times head.

Free Gift

Hi everyone,

A good friend of mine sent me through a link today and I thought it was too good not to share with you…

Some of you may be already aware of Rob Brown, he’s an inspirational Motivational Business Speaker, Bestselling Author (How to Build Your Reputation), Leading Authority on Networking & Referrals, and the Founder of the Global Networking Council, to name a few of his talents!

If Rob recommends something I know it’s going be good and worthwhile, today’s link to the free eBook entitled , ‘101 Great Tools, Tips and Tactics to Build Your Mental Toughness’ features the most powerful ways to steel your mind, perform under pressure and increase your mental toughness.

The benefits of Mental Toughness are already extensive and growing – think about what separates the winners from the losers in life.

Are you are you facing increasing pressures, unrealistic expectations, relentless deadlines, greater workloads, more and more stakeholders, massive change, escalation of complexity and overwhelming stress in your business situation?

The answer is not to avoid the issues but to increase your skills and become more mentally resilient. With Mental Toughness you can:

** Handle tough situations better.

** Deal with adversity in a more accomplished way.

** Manage multiple deadlines more easily.

** Adjust to changing ‘game’ circumstances quickly.

** Deal with complex situations competently.

** Perform at a high level under pressure.

** Get more done in less time.

** Strengthen your self-belief.

** Handle failure (and success) properly.

** Recover from mistakes quickly.

** Keep your energy high and fight fatigue.

** Work more effectively with your team.

** Re-discover the fun and the purpose in your job.

** Develop steely attitudes to handle tricky situations.

** Exceed expectations and increase career options.

** Push through criticism and negativity.

If you want Rob’s complimentary eBook, go here: http://tinyurl.com/3czot5a

Enjoy this free gift

10 Steps to Success

What unbelievable weather we’re having here in the UK at the moment, it puts everyone in a positive frame of mind, don’t you think?

I’ve seen a rapid growth in the Direct Sales Industry of late, and its set to continue I’m sure.

So with that in mind, I’ve gone back to the basics, by request, and spent the last few weeks thinking over, and putting together, a document to cover a guide for the 10 Steps to Success, those being –

1. Define What You Want/Set Some Goals

2. Make a Commitment/Develop an Action Plan

3. Make a List of Names

4. Use the Products/Sell the Products

5. Invite/Approach Some People

6. Have a Successful Meeting

7. Follow up Your Prospects

8. Check Your Progress

9. Strive To Improve

10. Teach the Ten Steps/Duplicate the Process

Maybe we can expand a little on these points at a later date, but for now the sunshine awaits, it can’t last forever – or can it!

Things are looking great!

Speaking Feb 2011I recently had the pleasure of playing a big part of  a National Conference and Expo, and I’m happy to say it was a sure fire-hit with everyone.

There were outside speakers and speakers from within the company and it was a fantastic mix, things went down a treat!

The schedule was tight and the mood behind the scenes was electric. I can honestly say that in all years in which I’ve been speaking for various companies, I’ve never had so many new tools and new Incentives to launch in one session. I have found in the past that the tools are usually spread over the year.

It has new Incentives back to back, and these are designed to be achievable to people on all levels, from management, to people who would just like to earn ‘that little bit of cash to make a difference’ and with new tools constantly being brought in to help people achieve their goals.

The buzz in the air as the afternoon progressed was amazing. The main speakers mixed with the audience during the break and, I have to say, the speakers were very giving of their time, but then I guess they have a shared passion and belief

It was a brilliant day, and during this cold and wet February it was a day that lit a spark in all who attended.

Winter Wonderland

This Christmas was a rarity over most of the UK, for it was one of those special ones…A White Christmas!

This, of course, left many of us with a glorious scene outside of their windows on Christmas morning, one for the history books I feel sure…

But it’s always around New Year that we revaluate ourselves and fill ourselves with self-doubt about the past year, did we spend it wisely, and did we make the most of it.

Well, one thing is a certainty…it’s gone!

Point yourself towards what’s important to you, both in your business and your personal life and focus on the year ahead. Let’s move on with good intentions, for ourselves and others and make 2011 the year that counts.

Happy New Year to you…

Recession or Boom

Recession or Boom – you choose…

Well we all know what this time of year is like for striking up the little sparks of energy which have been dormant all year!

As soon as the clocks go back, and other animals go into hibernation, us humans wake up and think…whoa! What have I done with my life this year, what have I achieved, where have I been…and more to the point – where on Earth am I going!

I love this time of year, it can be more productive in the months of September through to December than the whole of the rest of the year.

So this is where I’ve been the months few months. I’ve been working with the people that have not gone into hibernation. I have to cast from my mind the negative thoughts, such as – ‘where have they been the rest of the year, why didn’t they show me this before!’ – Not for selfish reasons, but I can see that had they jumped on ‘their ideas’ before, they would now be in the place that at this moment in time still stands as their goal.

But let’s be positive; let’s work with the here and now.

I can see from the projects I’m helping other people with and also the projects I personally have in my ‘pipeline’ that, despite the scare stories in the newspapers and putting the recession to one side, 2011 is going to be a fantastic year!

Five Lessons to Live By

Learn to laugh. Enjoy where you have been, where you are, and where you’re going. Remember that what you see in life depends mainly on what you look for – so search for the good in others and appreciate the gifts each day brings.

Learn to listen. Take time to slow down and be still for sometimes it’s only in silence you can hear your own heart. Don’t be afraid to admit when you are lost; sometimes it’s only by becoming lost that you can finally discover who you are and what you want from life.

Learn to let go. Allow your heart to heal from past hurts. Forgive failures and resolve regrets. Celebrate what was risked or attempted, improved or accomplished, and recognize that those who make no mistakes make anything else, either.

Learn to love. Delight in wonders and marvel at miracles. Find moments full of magic in everyday life, and live each day as if it were your last. Make commitments to what’s important to you. Take risks for the things that truly matter. Remember love is not just something you feel but the things you do.

Learn to live. Don’t be afraid of growing, changing, or living your life. The true joy of life lies in the journey – not the destination. Search for your purpose, seek out your passions, and do what you love. Follow your dreams wherever they may lead, and live all the days of your life.