About David

David Butler Speaking at a Major Conference

About David

For more than 30 years David has been building up his expertise and knowledge within the Direct Sales/MLM industry. This wealth of experience has led to company executives in the UK, and across the globe, consulting with David on the specialist subject of taking their Direct Sales/MLM/Network Marketing businesses to market.

The Direct Sales environment is unique and requires specialised knowledge. David’s leadership approach has proven very effective at obtaining specific results time and again.

He is a leading conference speaker, one with a broad range of conference speeches that are well received by audiences. His vision of the future of this industry always shines through and has inspired audiences across the UK, Europe and the USA.

As well as owning his own Direct Sales Company, he has worked with owners of companies in Asia to launch their businesses into Europe, and therefore has a unique perspective from both the corporate side of the business and the development of the field.

David doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’. He has achieved high leadership positions and senior leadership roles in not one, not two, but six distinctly different Direct Sales/MLM/Affiliate companies, and is held in high regard within those companies, dealing directly with the company owners themselves.

So much so that one of those companies purchased a complete online Training Package for all its Affiliates which was built by the company that David was Director of, and he played a vital role in the building of this online training system. He has also worked with top level Distributor Leaders across Europe helping them with leadership strategies for their existing teams.

David is a Motivational Presenter and an authority on Networking and Direct Sales.

He is a success minded entrepreneur with a passion to see other people reach their personal best and this comes across in every training presentation he has delivered.



After leaving full time education David built a career in commercial finance and became involved with Network Marketing in his mid-twenties and after several years of hard work his part-time business income started to overtake his full time job income.

Because of this at the age of 33 he was able to give up working for other people and concentrate full time on his own business ventures.

David now spends his time as a Consultant with MLM/Direct Sales companies and working within his new business ventures. He is a firm believer of the role of Social Media within the Direct Sales Industry.

When he is not working he enjoys travelling; David loves to travel to different countries and meet the people and experience new cultures. In his life he has achieved many goals and his vision for the future is playing a part in seeing other people reach their true potential, changing their lives for the better and achieving their dreams.

David stands ready, willing and very able to help you deliver the proven sort of training, support and guidance that your team of distributors needs most. Contact him today!


Presentation Style

David is highly professional and well used to dealing with the pressures of a live audience. His presentations are very warm and natural, inspirational and filled with anecdotes and humour. Just the ticket for having an audience listen closely and learn freely.

Passion is undisputedly one of his strengths, but so is the validity of the message.

His inspirational presentations are well researched; the content is always fresh, unique and filled with energy. What you find yourself listening to is much more than just a motivational speech, and this is why it has a high impact.  It builds the confidence in the audience that lasts long after they have stopped applauding!

He gives them the information to take the desired action(s) needed, and this stays with people for weeks and months afterwards. This directly translates to improved distributor sales and retention.

For more than 20 years his CD’s have been used by thousands of individuals to help them override and replace old negative programs in every important area of their lives.

Below is the library of CD’s recorded since 1995…

  • Self Discipline, Training, and Persistence
  • Just Take One More Step
  • Are You Internally Driven
  • Taking Responsibility
  • How Big Can You Dream
  • Dreams Come True If You Have One
  • Why Not Now and Why Not You
  • Are You Moving?
  • Foundations for Success
  • Exciting Times!
  • Different Personalities Same Strengths
  • It’s a New Start!
  • Winning Starts with Being
  • How to Follow Up Start Up

After running several successful international businesses he now provides consultancy to leading organisations and companies in Direct Sales and MLM worldwide.

He is ‘first in his field’ when it comes to finding the leaders within a team of people, and when he finds these people he coaches them on subjects such as –

  • Goal Setting
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Time Management
  • Overcoming Self Doubt
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Improving Quality of Life
  • Achieving Happiness and Fulfilment
  • Mastering Life, Work and Money Balance
  • Improving Relationship and Communication Skills

He has built a sterling reputation for expertise and has a track record of achievement that many team’s members have come to respect, value and trust. He will make the correct business decisions under pressure, and with total confidence. He will help you build a strong, flexible and highly effective team, expanding their ability to deliver many times over.

He has built teams of people whose members work together effectively and positively, he brings out the exceptional performances within people and improves their good leadership and teamwork skills.

David makes leaders of people. He has helped a multitude of people grow in self-confidence, becoming calm and self-confident leaders, who then go on to inspire confidence in others. They learn from him to inspire and motivate team members so that they will then move onwards to give their very best. Becoming true leaders themselves, they then move up to enjoy the benefits in life that come with this.


Public Speaking

David is not just a motivational speaker.  He is a motivator.  When David speaks of success principles, he uses words to paint a mental picture of achievement, enabling his audience to envision themselves in that very position of which he speaks. His unique gift of humour has endeared him to audiences around the world as he uses his keen wit to put the audience at ease while helping them to believe in their own success, In short, he is a communicator you will never forget and your time spent listening to him could very well change your future.


Team Building

David will help you build a team whose members work together effectively and positively, bringing out the exceptional performance of people that good leadership and successful teamwork will bring.

He will help you distinguish the leaders from the followers, but see the value in both.

The foundation of his teachings and principles are tried and tested and you won’t hear anything from David that he hasn’t personally used or done himself. This is a major benefit to you, as you can retain his services knowing full well that everything he teaches comes with a proven record of success.


Personal Development

David is a believer in Positive Thinking and firmly advocates the belief that you should replace old negative programs with positive new programs of self-belief and personal success in every important life your area – self-esteem, job and career, health and fitness, your personal relationships, money and income, your personal organization, think positively in all of these areas and you will have quality of life.

He is eminently capable of translating these important lessons into dynamic, easy to apply and extremely valuable learning experiences that go straight towards major improvements in distributor morale, retention, and sales growth.



If you’re a newbie to the internet/home business industry and you’re not sure about where to start. One of David’s skills is being able to break down complicated situations and making them easy to understand. This allows a new person to get comfortable with the more technical aspects very quickly, thus building confidence and increased sales volume.

As a Director of an Internet Marketing Company, which specialised in proven Internet Opportunities, David’s company built a complete online Training Package for a British, well known, Affiliate/MLM business and its 60,000 Affiliates, and he played a key part in the building this system.

But, what excites David the most about the Internet now is the tremendous opportunity to combine Social Media with the proven track record of person-to-person marketing, as a vehicle for them to achieve their dreams. And David says he now knows and understands that the success he had with his previous businesses is far more achievable with the Internet in a much shorter space of time!


Network marketing

As a leading Direct Sales/MLM conference speaker, David has inspired audiences across the UK, Europe and USA, from small workshops to mid-sized seminars and large conferences up to 10,000 people.

He has a broad range of conference speeches and his passion and vision of the future of this industry always shines through.

David’s skill lies in how he can explain the fundamentals on how to build a network income that lasts and gives you the information that you can use to ensure you are structuring your network correctly and ensure that your people are doing the right things in the right manner.