JRDavid Butler JR Ridinger

JR (James) Ridinger

Owner Market America

“Meeting with David Butler a notorious trainer, network marketing principle and consultant, and advocate of internet and digital marketing with Andrew and Tan building a relationship and collaborations for the future! Former top gun with, QuickStar, Success University, shop.com and Amway. He knows the game and admires our game!”


David Butler Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Director Executive Communications Europe, India, Africa Region
Amway Europe Ltd

I have had the pleasure of working with David for what is now some 20 odd years, principally during his time with the Amway business. Four characteristics of David’s stand out,

  • He is positive and a ‘make it happen’ guy whilst also being analytical and measured, it made his participation in strategy and workshop groups both dynamic and structured, a valuable combination.
  • He is a ‘people person’, in the very real sense of being able to understand and then motivate individuals to their personal needs and aspirations, a unique characteristic.
  • He is ‘switched on’ to key trends and developments in the marketplace and able to translate those into the opportunities and challenges they represent to an organisation – in particular his understanding of the digital world and how to integrate face2face is excellent.
  • He is personable and very much a team player and worker, committed and very self motivated.

In our time together, I’d like to expand on two aspects of my work and relationship with him,

Diamond Distributor in the Amway Business Model

Through meetings and key events I worked with Dave as he built a substantial Amway Business to the Diamond level of achievement, in this he demonstrated,

  • Personal tenacity and huge commitment, literally day after day matched by an ability to maintain focus on key business targets and goals, frankly very few people in reality can do that.
  • Emerging and fast developing Leadership skills to match his Doing abilities, often people can not translate between being a doer and manager, Dave excelled at it.
  • Professionalism and communication skills and the ability to craft and present messages to many different audiences, clearly and with precision.

Member of the Amivo Advisory Group

Dave was a key member of an advisory group set up by Amway initially in the UK and latterly across Europe to work with the company in moving the business online, in what proved to be a highly challenging endeavour at the time but transformational eventually.

  • Ability to analyse facts, data and opinions yet remain focussed on the key deliverable, to make digital an enabler to the business, detail understood but able to remain focussed on the strategy.
  • A key driver of moving discussion and debate forward, diplomatically but challenging at the same time, a rare quality within a ‘committee’ type of forum.
  • Understand technical but able to place it within an understood and commercially viable format, i.e. ‘with this feature you can do this, resulting in business gain of’, and then be able to explain and sell the concept.

Whilst Amway and Dave are long gone, I remain in contact with him and would be happy to endorse him / discuss my experiences with him as applicable.


David Butler Ben Woodward

Ben Woodward

President –  Nikken 

“I have known David for  over 10 years now. During this time he has always demonstrated a clear understanding of how to use the web to build your business and keep it relevant and commercial.

Dave has served on European committees in a large billion dollar company to support its eCommerce activities in 26 countries. Over the course of many years Dave built up a large and successful Direct Sales Business. This experience has seen him become a successful coach and mentor to many people who desire to know what he knows, not just about Direct Selling, but about leadership, motivation and business development in general.

Most importantly, over the recent years that I have spent time with Dave, he has proved to be a sincere, genuine and totally reliable man. Such genuine sincerity is at the heart of facilitating a great coaching experience. It is for these reasons that I comfortably and confidently recommend Dave Butler.”


Colin Morgan-Jones

Managing Director of Young Living Europe

“I first met David in the early ’90s and between then and today, one word that initially comes to mind in describing David’s character is – Genuine.

David has a concrete & sound integrity, his tenacious approach to sincerely helping others succeed is his passion. David is no fashion follower, he is most definitely a trend setter and light years ahead of the pack in regards social media & digital marketing. David is infectiously motivated, an extremely successful entrepreneur and an agent of positive change.”


David Butler Joe Quilter

Joe Quilter

Director – PSP Group

Chief Executive DSA Qualifications – Head Judge of the DSA Awards 2010

“David has a in-depth experience of direct sales and growing successful businesses.  One area I believe David is ahead of the game is being able to clearly see where the trends in social media as well as digital marketing are going, and to this end how businesses can benefit.”


David Butler Rob Brown 

Rob Brown

Keynote Speaker | Event MC | Coach in Business Networking, Reputations & Executive Presence 

“There are few people in business with a completely rounded blend of skills in the field of marketing and motivation. David Butler is one! Equally at home as a motivational presenter and trainer in networking and direct sales. An incredible business builder, team builder and internet marketer, David is a partner and an entrepreneur who makes things happen and is a breath of fresh air to work with!”


David Butler Mike Osborne

Mike Osborne

Owner, Gower Creative Communications

“I have been fortunate to have both worked for and with David over a number of years. As my client and as a colleague David’s professionalism has been exceptional. Honest, straight talking, enthusiastic and fun! His knowledge and understanding of MLM and beyond has been invaluable. David’s energy and willingness to listen has provided great support for the projects we have undertaken together.”


David Butler Jesse Rees

Jesse Rees

UK Sales & Operations Director, HiyaGroup

“I have worked with David for the last two years and have found him to be a great motivator, problem solver and driven business man. His ability to pull people and processes together to achieve his forward thinking visions are second to none. I hope to continue to work with David for years to come and would recommend him whole heartedly.”



Beverley Warburton

Consultant Chief Operations Officer, Cosway (UK) Limited

“I have one word that sums up David Butler: that word is ”authentic”. He means what he says, and he says what he means. David is generous with his time, his knowledge and his support. He understands what makes direct sellers tick, and he knows what a company has to do to both earn the trust of their sales force and maximise their sales efforts.

He has stayed ahead of the trends, and knows how to reach out using social media – he can open your eyes to the limitless possibilities of internet marketing and training delivery – and how to effectively dovetail those tools with the traditional methods and values of direct selling.”


David Butler Ken Radford

Ken Radford

IT Professional, Author, Business Owner

“I have known David for nearly 20 years and in that time I have grown to appreciate his outstanding qualities: hard-working, honest, reliable and a great people person. His ability to create, build and maintain relationships with people certainly makes him stand out from the crowd.”


David Butler Sue Gilkes

Sue Gilkes

Managing Director – Your Impact Ltd – International business performance consultancy

“David and I met at a conference, and I was introduced to his colleagues. They worked and continue to work brilliantly as a team working through our marketing strategy and helping me work out a plan of where we wanted to be and then how to achieve it. They have re-designed our marketing strategy with a dynamic and easily updated website that is getting immediate results – page 4 of Google after 1 week! The site is designed to be user friendly and allowing for interaction with our customers – we love it! I have been very impressed with the service and training I have received from David and his team and would highly recommend them. David is a friendly, knowledgeable, charismatic man, who is focused on getting results by offering a complete service.”


David Butler Neil Verlander

Neil Verlander

Director at Lion Promotions ltd

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with David over several years. His dedication and professionalism along with his charisma place David at the highest rank. He is reliable and consistent with great presentation skills.

The package that is David Butler, is a rare find these days!”


David Butler Caroline Goleczka

Caroline Goleczka

Training Director at Xenca Ltd

“My professional association with David spans 2 decades and a variety of roles and has therefore given me ample opportunity to scrutinise his character and abilities. There are not many people who bear this degree of scrutiny, but David is such a person. I have found him to be an utterly dependable and capable person in every role he has undertaken. In particular, his commitment to goals and the task in hand and his ability to focus and get the job done, whilst at the same time making those around him feel valued, set him apart from the average. If you want any project implemented successfully, thoroughly, and on time I can’t think of a better person to ask.”


Martin Nichols David Butler

Martin Nichols

Business Analyst at Computacenter

“David is an inspirational and motivational Business Leader. His accomplishments stand as testament to his experience gained from many years in business. His integrity and generosity of spirit make him an ideal partner for any business venture.”